Walgreens Survey

Customer review sweepstakes often have big cash prizes but thousands of entrants. They’re a good way to give yourself a chance at earning big bucks for completing your shopping as usual, and most people don’t give serious thought to the serious prizes. Using the www.wagcare.com survey as the example for this piece it’s possible to break down how to increase your odds of winning the big cash prize they talk about at the end of the survey.

Find One with a Good Prize

The first thing that you have to do is find a sweepstakes with a good prize. It’s still a good deal to spend 10 minutes of your time entering to win a free plate of French fries at your local fast food joint, but it’s much better to find something like the www.wagcares.com survey; $3,000 cash is one major incentive to keep trying to win. Find that great prize is essential because it’s going to motivate you to enter again and again. Just like anything else in life, you have to stick with it. Why would you keep going back to Wagcares.com if you didn’t have a shot at something great?

Split up Your Items When Purchasing

This little trick can give you a lot more chances to enter without you having to spend any more money than you were originally going to. Instead of getting one receipt for the wagcares survey and thus having one chance to complete it and enter the drawing per visit, you can get as many as you have items to buy. Buy your items separately or in small groups so that you have multiple receipts. It will take a little more time to check out this way, but when you’re eyes on a $3,000 prize a few extra minutes at checkout are considered worth it.

Keep Track of When the Contest Resets

You can see at www.Wagcares.com that this contest resets every month. All you have to do it mark it down in your calendar when it resets and make sure that you make at least one purchase there in the calendar month. You don’t have to spend a lot; a simple switch to grabbing a bottle of shampoo at your local shop will get you the receipt to enter again. This way you have consistency on your side. Entering every month, with diligence, gives you greater odds of winning than playing only when it crosses your mind.