Walgreens Coupon Code

Walgreens is known for being a customer- focused retailer. As such, the company offers the use of promotional Walgreens coupon code to maximize savings when shopping at any of its locations. Coupon codes are indeed a good way to save hard- earned money so you must be knowledgeable on how they should be used so you get to really earn from them.

How To Get the Most Out of Coupons

To ensure that you get to enjoy the chance to save out of your coupons, remember that there are rules in using them. Most important ones are as follows:

  1. Any Walgreens coupon code does have an expiration date. Failure to use a coupon before its expiry date will make it unacceptable whether at the store or online. So mind the expiration date for every coupon you have to make it useful.
  2. The codes can’t be used to exchange for cash or gift cards unless specified. It does not have cash value but you can save cash out of the face value indicated once the coupon is used.
  3. Manufacturer’s coupons and cut-out coupons from the Walgreens Weekly Ad may be used at the stores only. Coupons printed from the online Weekly Ad may also be redeemed but only for in- store purchases and not through the online store.
  4. Multiple coupon codes may be used but only if you purchase different products.
  5. If you want to shop quickly and opt for a Store Pickup, coupons may still be used if you pick the ordered products in- store.

If you are tech- savvy and wants to access Walgreens offers online, you can make use of the Paperless Coupons or the electronic coupons you can find from the website. You may clip the codes straight to your Balance Rewards account to enjoy discounts upon checkout. You can redeem the offers in three ways:Walgreens Coupons

  1. Using your Balance Rewards card.
  2. Encoding your registered phone number.
  3. Using the Walgreens mobile app for a scan.

These are the things that you must know so that you can fully benefit from the numerous Walgreens offers. Keep checking the website for updates on the current offers or sign up for the newsletter to regularly get updates on your mail. It would be very helpful to go through the terms and conditions for every offer so you get to save a lot every time you shop.