What do you expect from the country’s largest drugstore chain with 8,131 locations in 53 states? Will it just leave you shaking and quivering out in the cold at 3 am when you definitely need your medicines? OF COURSE NOT! That’s because there are 24 hour Walgreens outlets.

Pharmacies’ Code of Service

If you are in the health business, quality and accessibility cannot be over emphasized. In the pharmacy business; medicine delayed is medicine denied. Medicines are no longer just tablets and capsules that are pre-need commodities stocked in the household medicine cabinets. So many Americans are already dependent on them for health maintenance.
We are living in a world where you can’t just say, “Wait ‘til morning.” In the event that you are supposed to drink your hypertension medicine and you just found out that you’ve already taken your last tablet in your pill box, you have to rush to the pharmacy and buy one, or else.
Walgreens is one of those pharmacies that do not only guarantee quality but more importantly, availability.

24/7 Walgreens

Though not every Walgreens operate 24/7, the company made sure that there is a 24 hour Walgreens that’s accessible.
In the West Coast, San Francisco has three locations where Walgreens hours go ‘round the clock:Wallgreens
• 498 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA
• 3201 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA
• 459 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA
In the East Coast, New York also has three locations where a 24 hour Walgreens will always say Good Morning!
• 1551 Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, NY
• 8345 Lansdale Street, New Hyde Park, NY
• 5564 Broadway, Bronx, NY

Big Cities

Now, you might say that we are talking about big cities so for sure Walgreens will be doing that extra time to maximize their business.
OK so let’s take the case of the quiet university town of Lubbock, Texas…
The same as in the big cities, Lubbock Texas has three Walgreens working 24/7:
• 4847 Slide Road, Lubbock, TX
• 3404 Indiana Avenue, Lubbock, TX
• 2417 82nd Street, Lubbock, TX
These Lubbock Walgreens locations are up and at it 24/7 even during those spring breaks where almost everyone is out of town getting drunk in some beach.
With Walgreens, it is not always about the dollar. It’s about the service and the commitment. As a pharmacy, Walgreens is in the position to play an important part in a good number of people’s lives. So important, that it could mean life or death.
Walgreens intends to play out that role in the best possible way they can, by being there 24/7 for a chance to be of service to the public.