Get the Walgreens App, Get Healthier

Apps are a dime a dozen in the app-hungry world. But there are must-have apps that are actually useful because of the numerous benefits that these provide to users – and such is the Walgreens app.

Download the mobile app into your mobile device, such as your smartphone or tablet, and you will have a useful tool in getting a healthier mind and body. Of course, it must be emphasized that this is just a tool so its usefulness will ultimately depend on your proper use and on your adoption of healthy lifestyle habits. Here are ways that the Walgreens mobile app can become your healthy living tool.

Get Your Medications in the Right Amount and the Right Time

Oftentimes, skipping on the prescription medications will worsen the symptoms of a physical disease or a mental disorder, such as diabetes or depression. Medical emergencies can also happen when the prescribed drugs have already been used up but the nearest open drugstore is an hour away.

Avoid letting these untoward health situations happen by always having your prescription medications in stock or on hand in your home. Use the Walgreens app for refilling your prescriptions medications simply by using its Refill by Scan feature. Just scan your prescription (Rx) label, fill in the details, and pick up your refill at a Walgreens store in an hour.

But even when you already have your prescription medications on hand, you may also forget to take the medicines for many reasons. You may have been busy at work in the past few days or you may have been under stress due to personal issues.

Fortunately, the app also has a feature that helps patients in staying on track – the Pill Reminder. You can set helpful reminders and alarms so that you will always be reminded to take your medication at the right time and in the right amount.

Get Your Immunizations

Yet another way that you can stay healthy is to get your immunizations. This is of crucial importance when you are travelling to another country where a compromised immune system can be fatal.

Along with your immunization records, you can also access your prescription status and history using the app. You will be able to discuss the appropriate adjustments to your medication plan partly with the use of the app, which will store the necessary information.

Add in the Balance Rewards feature, which allows users to rack points when logging in their healthy activities, and you should download the app now!