Walgreens Contact Lenses

Ordering your Walgreens contact lenses should be fast, easy and convenient, as is the case with most of the purchasing transactions on the United States’ largest drug retail chain. Aside from the world-class service provided by the healthcare providers, Walgreens makes it easy for its customers to order their contact lenses via its official website.

Just how easy? As easy as the following three steps once you log in to your Walgreens account.

Find Your Contacts

Walgreens has a comprehensive array of contact lenses from dozens of brands. You will then likely find the perfect match for your contact lens prescription at Walgreens than you would at other drug retail stores.The Chicago-based multinational corporation provides its customers with three methods of ordering their contact lenses, namely:

• Logging on to its official website
• Calling its toll-free number at (866) 817-1631
• Faxing your completed Printable Contact Lens Order Form to (866) 312-0860

In these instances, Walgreens will take the necessary precautions to ensure that you have a valid prescription. This is usually accomplished by the staff contacting your eye doctor to verify your prescription and process your order afterwards.

While you need not have a copy of your prescription, you have to provide accurate information about your contact lenses’ exact brand, type and specifications. Your prescription should also be valid (i.e., issued within the past 12 months of the order). You will have to wait 1-3 business days for the verification process to be completed.

Enter Your Prescription Details

Walgreens can only fill in the specific prescription based on your eye doctor’s prescription, thus, emphasizing the need WAGCARESto have accurate information on hand. But Walgreens may also substitute identical contact lenses for as long as these are produced by the same manufacturer although with a different brand name.

If you are ordering Walgreens contact lenses for cosmetic reasons, you will still need a valid prescription before your order can be processed. This is for your own safety as contact lenses should be customized to the individual’s needs.For faster and easier verification of your prescription with your eye doctor, you should include your eye doctor’s fax number.

Wait for Your Order

Once you have finished with the checkout process, your next step is to wait for your order. Walgreens will automatically ship it to your chosen address for free.You should not wait long because the contact lenses should be ready as soon as the verification process is finished. While waiting, you can purchase other eye care essentials from Walgreens.