Walgreens Vitamins

Walgreens vitamins and minerals, or simply health supplements, are among the most popular products of the major drug retailer. Majority of Americans report using dietary supplements because of the numerous benefits derived from their regular and proper intake.

But before buying these dietary supplements, keep in mind that these are not the be-all and end-all of good physical and mental health. As their name implies, these are supplements to a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and sensible lifestyle habits. Here is information that will help in your appreciation of the role of Walgreens vitamins and minerals supplements.

Vitamins as Essential Nutrients

While vitamins should be taken in small doses only – these are called micronutrients for a reason – these nutrients are just as important as macronutrients (e.g., carbohydrates, protein, and fat). Vitamins are important in the proper regulation of many bodily functions including blood clotting, calcium absorption, and energy production.

Vitamins are readily available in food sources, such as fruits, vegetables and dairy products, but the body may not be provided with adequate amounts for many reasons. You should discuss with your doctor about dietary supplement intake when you fall into one of these categories:

• You have a restrictive diet due to medical conditions (i.e., less than 1,600 calories daily)
• You are a mature adult usually 50 years old and above
• You are either a vegan or vegetarian since you will be missing out on many vitamins found in fish, meat and dairy products
• You are trying to get pregnant, or pregnant, or breastfeeding your baby
• You have an underlying health condition that limits your food and beverage choices

While you can take vitamin and mineral supplements without a doctor’s prescription, you should ideally ask for a medical opinion. You may have an underlying medical condition that precludes intake of certain vitamins.

Adopt Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Vitamin and mineral supplements are not excuses for not taking the appropriate measures to protect your health. These are just dietary supplements formulated to boost your vitamin and mineral intake in case you belong to one of the abovementioned categories.

You must still adopt the following steps even when you are on a dietary supplement program:WallGreens Vitamins

• Eat a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and lean meat, dairy products, legumes, and whole grains, among others.
• Exercise on a daily basis even if it means a 30-minute walk around your neighborhood.
• Avoid smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and using illicit drugs.
• Manage your stress.

The more you take good care of your body, the more that the dietary supplements will contribute to your good health.